Pathfinder Iron Kingdoms

A druid lost is a trollkin gained!

Trollkin skinner

After an early morning start, Dirym left the inn he stayed at to return to the church, where he found Ennui finishing her breakfast with the acolytes of Morrow. But the druid, Uldonan, was nowhere to be found. Still waiting to hear from their former caravan leader, Gunner, regarding additional pay, the elf and the bard agree to help investigate a series of grave disturbances throughout various cemeteries in and out of the city of Corvis. Father Pandor, while not being able to offer them more than 30gp to split amongst them, does also give them each a draught of Corben’s Wound Closer. He also writes down the names and locations of the seven families who reported a grave disturbed. Agreeing to take the job, if only to kill time, Dirym & Ennui also take the Father’s advice to look for a local to show them the area, suggesting the common marketplace area, The Quad. On the way there, the pair run into a trollkin being kicked out of a bar. Bruised but not beaten, the trollkin flashes them a grin, telling them he’s been in town for a bit, working on odd jobs that will get him his belly full of beer for the night, but that sometimes the alcohol gets the better of him, whereupon he gets the better of whatever bar he happens to be it at the time. Dirym convinces the trollkin, Gargosh, to help usher them around town in exchange for beer and pay.

The first disturbance examined was in the northern graveyard where the gravekeeper, Gum, tells them that 2 bodies were taken two weeks ago, but that there were no signs and no way to tell if the bodies were exhumed or rose of their own accord. Upon examining the graves, Dirym finds them to be put back in order and therefore chastises the gravekeeper in erasing any evidence. Apart from the names of the missing bodies/disturbed graves (Moira Monsonata and Kell Sylva), the party leaves empty handed.

The next closest grave was further north, just outside the city gates. The Lorna Fullet, the matriarch of the Fullet Farm, reported her husband’s grave disturbed and his remains missing. In speaking with her, she spoke of and laid blame upon witches of all kinds. Seemingly possessed and crazed regarding the notion of witches everywhere, Lorna directed them to speak to her eldest (of three) son to confirm her convictions. But in speaking with Jarvis, the group finds him level-headed, saying that his mom went a little mad with grief after her husband passed 5 years ago, but that she was harmless. Jarvis then invited them in to share supper, which the group accepted. During the meal, Ennui was told about the most famous witch trial in the history of Corvis. It happened about a decade ago and Lorna’s husband, served as a juror. Acting on a hunch, Ennui asked Lorna if she could remember the names of the other jurors or the judge. With growing shock, Ennui listened as Lorna rustled through the dusty transom of her memory and recounted the families, if not the specific names, of each person written on Father Pandor’s list of disturbed graves. Thanking the family for dinner, the group left for the Church to ask Father Pandor for any further information.

Upon returning, Ennui sought out Pandor while Dirym stayed outside the human church, seeking stabling for his horse. When asked by Ennui for any information regarding the coincidences of the names of the list with the witch trial, Father Pandor visibly aged and sat down, recounting that it happened so long ago that he had forgotten, or maybe wanted to forget. But he did confirm that each name was a juror of the trial, that the judge, Lord Atthias Folver, is still alive and that Magistrate Ulfass Borloch was the one who discovered the coven and their activities. Since the matter was of a municipal nature, rather than under the purview of the church, no official documents were kept with him, but that he would spend the night looking through his own personal records for any additional information. Father Pandor concluded by saying that their old employer, Gunnar, had dropped by while they were out and left a small stack of coin for them.

Rejoining the group outside the church, Ennui relayed what she had heard. Dirym instantly became suspicious of Father Pandor, but that further questions could wait until the morning. Ennui and Gargosh took up the offer of free room & board with the church, but upon hearing that Dirym was headed for a bar, Gargosh changed his mind and went with the elf. But they were restrained from entering the inn that Dirym had stayed the night before as the bouncer at the door recognized Gargosh. Brusquely asking if Gargosh was going to cause in trouble, the bouncer inadvertently raised the ire of Dirym, who rose to defend his new trollkin friend…



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