Pathfinder Iron Kingdoms

A forest home & a forest drake

Forrest dragon pentacle 2

During the evening, Ennui gets a request to see Father Pandor in his study. He tells her that there is no new information he can give, save that all the graves disturbed were the total number of jurors in the famous witch trial from a decade ago. The judge is still alive, as is the magistrate who discovered the coven. The executioner’s identity, in accordance with standard practice, was unknown. The witches bodies were then interred in a tomb in the hopes that a proper Morrowan burial might put their souls to rest. He concludes by saying that it was a difficult time for many people. He also agrees to pay them 20gp now for investigating the graves, and promises the remaining 10gp if they wish to inquire at the last remaining grave, the Sunbright family estate. But he says that he will pay them 20gp instead if they go to investigate the tomb as he fears that if someone is raising the dead jurors back to life, the person or persons might also want to do the same with the witches. He gives Ennui the location of the tomb, about 2-3 hours northwest of the city, in Widower’s Wood. He warns Ennui about the possibility of dangers there and back again: gobbers, bogrin, highwaymen, the swamplands themselves and the ever persistent rumor of “Voorie,” the swamp dragon that has made the surrounding areas of Corvis its home. Father Pandor concludes by saying the he will try to get a meeting with the magistrate, hoping that his influence will be greater than theirs in procuring an appointment. Retiring for the night, Ennui mulls over all this information in her head.

At The Black Goat, Dirym’s regular routine of taking his meal to his room to minimize the amount of exposure to humans is broken when he realizes that a “magic show” is taking place tonight. The common hall is crowded but controlled as “Selros the Magician” begins his show. Trying to disguise the casting, Dirym evokes Detect Magic in an attempt to mark Selros as a practitioner of the arcane, but finds that the magician’s tricks are sleight of hand. The show culminates, however, in a performance of “The Disappearing Cabinet” trick where he takes a volunteer from the audience, places them in an onstage cabinet and causes them to vanish, replacing them with a barmaid from the workforce. A merchant’s wife is called up and is vanished via the cabinet to be replaced with a barmaid from the night’s work staff, just as promised by Selros. When Dirym inquires about this to the merchant himself, his only reply is that it’s all a part of the trick, that he himself was chosen last week and wanted to share in the experience with his wife. Dirym thinks it strange that no one is calling out the fact that the woman was not immediately returned, but decided to leave the humans to their trivial distractions and finishes his meal in peace.

At the bridge, Gargosh gets thoroughly drunk and passes out through a combination of beer, effort & enjoyment.

The following morning, the group reconvenes as Ennui tells them what Father Pandor relayed to her. It is agreed that the group should examine the witches’ tomb and proceeds to travel north along the main road. About half an hour before they get to their designated left turn, the group spots a small human child clutching what seems to be a doll covered in blood. The child calmly (as if in mental shock) tells them that her mother and father are in trouble and then points back towards the west, along a small but clearly marked path through the marshy woods. Agreeing that something else must be going on but wanting to investigate, the group took the path and pushed through the sparse and mist hazed woods and came upon a small farm house in a clearing. From a distance, it appeared as though the house was in a bit of disrepair. Approaching with caution, Ennui took over custody of the child while providing covering fire for Dirym and Gargosh with her pistol as they went to examine the house. Upon closer inspection, the farm house showed signs of recent break and damage, as huge chunks of the walls and doors were broken and splintered wide open. Closing in on the remains of the front door, the sounds of rustling was heard from inside the building. As Gargosh peered in, what was thought to be the massive trunk of a fallen tree quickly slithered out of view just as the snapping jaws of a forest drake struck out at the trollkin. In an act of pure reflex that saved him, Gargosh lept backwards, falling prone but missing the sudden attack of the legged reptile. Dirym called upon his lost gods to shield him as he lashed out with his greatsword, only to find his first strikes caressing harmlessly along the drake’s literal scale mail. Ennui commanded the small child to climb the nearby tree and sprinted parallel to the attacking creature, landing a solid hit from her pistol into the side of the drake’s face. Roaring with rage, Gargosh lept to his feet as he took a solid blow, but exchanged it with one of his own, connecting his greatmaul in a windmill fashion to the complimentary side of face where Ennui had scored a hit. Dirym, moving to flanking position, now found his elven steel rang true, as the greatsword bit deep into the flesh of the drake’s abdomen, feeling the heat from the spraying black blood that geysered from the creature wound. Ennui, sighting down the 2nd barrel of her father’s double-pistol, let loose the thunder of black powder as another bullet pierced and buried itself deep inside the drake. Yet, the satisfaction of her attack was dulled by her notice of the drake’s movement towards the trollkin. Recognizing the imminent belching of draconic heritage that was forthcoming, she tried to shout out a warning to Gargosh just as the drake spewed forth a gout of acid from its maw, directly onto the trollkin. Blinking through the burn and pain, Gargosh, feeling what was best in life course through his mind and muscle, spun through a 360-degree arc with his greatmaul, landing a killing blow that dropped the drake dead before him. Knowing that he was seriously wounded, Gargosh’s two comrades came to immediate response, healing him and wiping the remaining acid from the majority of his bruised body…



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