Pathfinder Iron Kingdoms

A Prologue & a Caravan

Swamp path 2

Being hired on as caravan guards, Uldonan the druid, Dirym the elf and Ennui the bard found themselves riding through Widower’s Wood, around a day outside of Corvis (the caravan’s final destination). Positioned in the front, Uldonan sensed trouble as the unnatural thickening of the mist and fog increased, reducing visibility to just beyond 30’. From the mists, a spear lanced out, missing Uldonan, but striking the lead horse squarely in the neck, dropping the animal. Cries of “Ambush!” were raised as a hail of darts rained down from all sides upon the caravan. Mustering themselves with practiced efficiency, the group fought back against what were revealed to be a sizable group of gobbers. Brandishing his greatsword with cold authority, Dirym waded into the fog to meet the raiders head on. Uldonan, summoned help in the form of an eagle to harass and attack gobbers on the periphery, while utilizing blasts of wind and weather in close quarters. And Ennui identified and neutralized the gobber responsible for the unnatural fog with her (retcon) father’s pistol. Preventing any real theft or damage (outside of the downed horse and the lieutenant of the caravan being knocked unconscious), the party continued successfully to Corvis, arriving first at the great cathedral to Morrow to deliver the first of the caravan’s goods to the head prelate in charge, Father Pandor.

Seeking healing for his wounded lieutenant, the caravan leader, Gunner, asked Father Pandor to aid the group with any healing they might need. Paying the remaining 25 GP to each party member, Gunner then said he would try and make contact with the local branch of the Merchant’s Guild to request further payment for service above & beyond during the blitzkrieg attack by the gobbers, but that it would likely take a day or two to get an appointment with the appropriate Guild member in charge for disbursements. In the meantime, Gunner would finish delivering the remaining goods throughout the city and receive his next orders.

Each party member sought accommodations in their own fashion. Ennui stayed within the cathedral’s walls for free room & board, supped & breakfasted in the relative peace the church provided. Dirym, to rid himself the presence of human religion, found a nearby inn that would stable his horse as well. Uldonan, to rid himself the stink of society, took no time to leave the confines of the city’s gates. Unfortunately, as a lone, old human unable to stand watch or enchant his campsite, he was targeted by thieves and awoke to find most of his money gone along with some possessions, including his armor and some curatives. Easily tracking a group of steps back to the city, Uldonan lost their mark upon entry back into the main city. Inquiring with the guards, they told him to not look to hope in reclaiming his lost goods, but manage to let slip that a group of red-haired youth was seen coming back into the city late night/early morning. Promising to himself to keep an eye out for the cursed gingers, Uldonan begrudgingly resigns his lost possessions to fate for now.

The rise of the following morning sees each party member gathering back at the front steps of the church, awaiting news from Gunner for possible additional payment…



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