Pathfinder Iron Kingdoms

Dirym vs. Squid

- spoke with gunsmith in the Quad who offered to buy silver filigreed gun; recommended to speak with someone at the university about the old coins party had been finding
- went to Corvis University; spoke with professor of history who identified the coins they’d found in the tombs as ancient Orgoth; professor offered to fence coins to wealthy buyers in town
- ordered custom made, squid-sized bait hook from a dwarven blacksmith
- in the evening, went to a tavern; Ennui played cards and won some coin
- afterwards, Dirym parted ways with the party, not saying why
- before retiring, Ennui was asked by Father Pandor as to where they were in their investigations; prompted them to expedite their search
- in the morning, Dirym came back with a fresh bruise on his face; went to pick up custom squid/fishing hook; party returned to the witch’s tomb
- back in the tombs, Ennui pressed upon the party the urgency of the Father’s request and asked that they not be distracted
- heard scuffling noises down a corridor but the creature ran away before they could investigate
- discovered room with 4 sarcophagi that had been disturbed; battled two more military skeletons; discovered needle and thread (Ennui postulated that it was used to sew the heads back on the beheaded witches)
- found bone pit room where the skeletons in the tombs had, most likely, been created
- on the way out, Ennui consented to 10 minutes of trying to recover items from the lake with the squid
- party discovered that they had a hook but no rope
-Gargosh threw dead Gobber corpse into lake to try and distract squid; squid simply took the bait and ate it, not leaving the lake
- Dirym climbed into the boat and discovered bags of foul-smelling black viscous liquid and a make-shift pole-net that he would use to try and scoop up items from the lake bottom
- boat on the verge of breaking apart; Gargosh attempted to help push the boat with his maul, which ended up destroying the boat
- squid launched tentacles towards movement in the water, but violently retracted them when it came into contact with the black liquid that had pooled from the containers in the boat; Dirym furiously swam/scrambled back onto shore
- after guessing that the squid had left, Dirym (bravely? foolishly?) dove back into the water and somehow miraculously retrieved magic item that he had seen previously
- identified it as a dagger +1 of retrieving; engraving in Orgoth (partially translated as a dedication)



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