Pathfinder Iron Kingdoms

Under the bridge, downtown

Leaving graveyard

In rushing to confront the bouncer at the inn, Dirym ended up in a grappled lock as Gargosh moved around to pressure the bouncer to let Dirym go. Having been called by the first bouncer at the beginning of the fight, two more men came rushing out of the front of the bar, tipping the scales against the elf and trollkin. With a promise to not return, the bouncer let Dirym go as Gargosh was banned from returning ever again.

Gargosh (somehow) convinced the elf to stay the night at the trollkin’s domicile, only to find that it was less a building and more a location under a bridge. Waking up the next morning, the two rode back to the church to meet Ennui whereupon Dirym bathed himself in the trough waters in front of the chapel meant for horses to drink from.

Deciding to examine more of the graves, the rejoined party first made their way to Gaddock farm, just outside the Eastern Gate of Corvis. There, they met Bern & Betilda, the husband and wife who owned and ran the farm. The grave of Betilda’s grandfather, Hagger, was disturbed and the body missing about a week ago. Since, the grave has been covered back up and the couple had no idea who could have wanted to do such a thing. Dirym, with his keen eyes, spotted a thin strip of white fabric that was caught up in the boughs of one of the trees in the family graveyard. Betilda was unable to identify where it might have come from, only that it wasn’t hers. It appeared to be machined and not hand-spun. Thanking the family, the party began to leave when Ennui noticed Betilda’s 3-year old son, Hagger, playing out in front of the house. In talking with the child, it quickly becomes apparent that he witnessed something on the night the grandfather’s body went missing. Dirym, in a show of concern, asked the boy what he had seen. “An angel,” came the reply. “An angel with black hair and white robes. She came and sang to the place where my mom says grandfather rests.” It seems that a someone came and raised the grandfather from the dead, then proceeded to leave the scene with the newly minted undead corpse.

Ennui is sent to the market to ask about who would know where the cloth came from while the two boys went to the other eastern grave site, the Eastern Boneyard, just outside the city gates. Ennui was not able to get a definitive answer as to who might have made the the cloth, though she gets more confirmation that it was definitely mass produced and not homespun. She is also able to sell the gobbers’ fog machine from their previous employment as caravan guards, netting 63gp in total for it. She also attempts to secure a meeting with the local magistrate but is unable to due to the the size of bureaucracy that exists in such a large city as Corvis.

At the Eastern Boneyard, Dirym & Gargosh discover that this is where the majority of the poor bury their dead. Unlike the first graveyard they had investigated, the Eastern Boneyard had no caretaker. And so after an exhaustive search, Dirym & Gargosh managed to find the two graves that were disturbed. And because there was no real caretaker, the graves were actually left as discovered, unmade and in disrepair. Dirym was finally able to confirm that, at least with these two graves, bodies had been exhumed from the inside out and not dug up from above ground. This corroborates the young boy’s story about something rising the dead from their graves.

Meeting back up at the church, the group discusses what they’ve found. Ennui proceeds to give Dirym 25gp as his share in the sale of the fog machine. Dirym, distrusting of humans, confronts her about it. Initially, Ennui tries to play it off as an even split of what was gotten for the fog machine, but eventually concedes that she sold it for more than 50gp. But she successfully diffuses any hostile situation with Dirym (for the moment) by pleading her case that since she was the one who identified its worth on the field of battle, gathered it up and bartered for its sale in the Quad, she should take a higher percentage in its reaped sale. Dirym grants her her portion, but openly says that she has set the stage for their dynamic.

As night closes, Ennui continues to stay at the church for free room & board, Gargosh retreats to his bridge for a night of solo debauchery and Dirym manages to find another inn (The Black Goat) that will accommodate him.



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