Pathfinder Iron Kingdoms

A Prologue & a Caravan

Swamp path 2

Being hired on as caravan guards, Uldonan the druid, Dirym the elf and Ennui the bard found themselves riding through Widower’s Wood, around a day outside of Corvis (the caravan’s final destination). Positioned in the front, Uldonan sensed trouble as the unnatural thickening of the mist and fog increased, reducing visibility to just beyond 30’. From the mists, a spear lanced out, missing Uldonan, but striking the lead horse squarely in the neck, dropping the animal. Cries of “Ambush!” were raised as a hail of darts rained down from all sides upon the caravan. Mustering themselves with practiced efficiency, the group fought back against what were revealed to be a sizable group of gobbers. Brandishing his greatsword with cold authority, Dirym waded into the fog to meet the raiders head on. Uldonan, summoned help in the form of an eagle to harass and attack gobbers on the periphery, while utilizing blasts of wind and weather in close quarters. And Ennui identified and neutralized the gobber responsible for the unnatural fog with her (retcon) father’s pistol. Preventing any real theft or damage (outside of the downed horse and the lieutenant of the caravan being knocked unconscious), the party continued successfully to Corvis, arriving first at the great cathedral to Morrow to deliver the first of the caravan’s goods to the head prelate in charge, Father Pandor.

Seeking healing for his wounded lieutenant, the caravan leader, Gunner, asked Father Pandor to aid the group with any healing they might need. Paying the remaining 25 GP to each party member, Gunner then said he would try and make contact with the local branch of the Merchant’s Guild to request further payment for service above & beyond during the blitzkrieg attack by the gobbers, but that it would likely take a day or two to get an appointment with the appropriate Guild member in charge for disbursements. In the meantime, Gunner would finish delivering the remaining goods throughout the city and receive his next orders.

Each party member sought accommodations in their own fashion. Ennui stayed within the cathedral’s walls for free room & board, supped & breakfasted in the relative peace the church provided. Dirym, to rid himself the presence of human religion, found a nearby inn that would stable his horse as well. Uldonan, to rid himself the stink of society, took no time to leave the confines of the city’s gates. Unfortunately, as a lone, old human unable to stand watch or enchant his campsite, he was targeted by thieves and awoke to find most of his money gone along with some possessions, including his armor and some curatives. Easily tracking a group of steps back to the city, Uldonan lost their mark upon entry back into the main city. Inquiring with the guards, they told him to not look to hope in reclaiming his lost goods, but manage to let slip that a group of red-haired youth was seen coming back into the city late night/early morning. Promising to himself to keep an eye out for the cursed gingers, Uldonan begrudgingly resigns his lost possessions to fate for now.

The rise of the following morning sees each party member gathering back at the front steps of the church, awaiting news from Gunner for possible additional payment…

A druid lost is a trollkin gained!

Trollkin skinner

After an early morning start, Dirym left the inn he stayed at to return to the church, where he found Ennui finishing her breakfast with the acolytes of Morrow. But the druid, Uldonan, was nowhere to be found. Still waiting to hear from their former caravan leader, Gunner, regarding additional pay, the elf and the bard agree to help investigate a series of grave disturbances throughout various cemeteries in and out of the city of Corvis. Father Pandor, while not being able to offer them more than 30gp to split amongst them, does also give them each a draught of Corben’s Wound Closer. He also writes down the names and locations of the seven families who reported a grave disturbed. Agreeing to take the job, if only to kill time, Dirym & Ennui also take the Father’s advice to look for a local to show them the area, suggesting the common marketplace area, The Quad. On the way there, the pair run into a trollkin being kicked out of a bar. Bruised but not beaten, the trollkin flashes them a grin, telling them he’s been in town for a bit, working on odd jobs that will get him his belly full of beer for the night, but that sometimes the alcohol gets the better of him, whereupon he gets the better of whatever bar he happens to be it at the time. Dirym convinces the trollkin, Gargosh, to help usher them around town in exchange for beer and pay.

The first disturbance examined was in the northern graveyard where the gravekeeper, Gum, tells them that 2 bodies were taken two weeks ago, but that there were no signs and no way to tell if the bodies were exhumed or rose of their own accord. Upon examining the graves, Dirym finds them to be put back in order and therefore chastises the gravekeeper in erasing any evidence. Apart from the names of the missing bodies/disturbed graves (Moira Monsonata and Kell Sylva), the party leaves empty handed.

The next closest grave was further north, just outside the city gates. The Lorna Fullet, the matriarch of the Fullet Farm, reported her husband’s grave disturbed and his remains missing. In speaking with her, she spoke of and laid blame upon witches of all kinds. Seemingly possessed and crazed regarding the notion of witches everywhere, Lorna directed them to speak to her eldest (of three) son to confirm her convictions. But in speaking with Jarvis, the group finds him level-headed, saying that his mom went a little mad with grief after her husband passed 5 years ago, but that she was harmless. Jarvis then invited them in to share supper, which the group accepted. During the meal, Ennui was told about the most famous witch trial in the history of Corvis. It happened about a decade ago and Lorna’s husband, served as a juror. Acting on a hunch, Ennui asked Lorna if she could remember the names of the other jurors or the judge. With growing shock, Ennui listened as Lorna rustled through the dusty transom of her memory and recounted the families, if not the specific names, of each person written on Father Pandor’s list of disturbed graves. Thanking the family for dinner, the group left for the Church to ask Father Pandor for any further information.

Upon returning, Ennui sought out Pandor while Dirym stayed outside the human church, seeking stabling for his horse. When asked by Ennui for any information regarding the coincidences of the names of the list with the witch trial, Father Pandor visibly aged and sat down, recounting that it happened so long ago that he had forgotten, or maybe wanted to forget. But he did confirm that each name was a juror of the trial, that the judge, Lord Atthias Folver, is still alive and that Magistrate Ulfass Borloch was the one who discovered the coven and their activities. Since the matter was of a municipal nature, rather than under the purview of the church, no official documents were kept with him, but that he would spend the night looking through his own personal records for any additional information. Father Pandor concluded by saying that their old employer, Gunnar, had dropped by while they were out and left a small stack of coin for them.

Rejoining the group outside the church, Ennui relayed what she had heard. Dirym instantly became suspicious of Father Pandor, but that further questions could wait until the morning. Ennui and Gargosh took up the offer of free room & board with the church, but upon hearing that Dirym was headed for a bar, Gargosh changed his mind and went with the elf. But they were restrained from entering the inn that Dirym had stayed the night before as the bouncer at the door recognized Gargosh. Brusquely asking if Gargosh was going to cause in trouble, the bouncer inadvertently raised the ire of Dirym, who rose to defend his new trollkin friend…

Under the bridge, downtown

Leaving graveyard

In rushing to confront the bouncer at the inn, Dirym ended up in a grappled lock as Gargosh moved around to pressure the bouncer to let Dirym go. Having been called by the first bouncer at the beginning of the fight, two more men came rushing out of the front of the bar, tipping the scales against the elf and trollkin. With a promise to not return, the bouncer let Dirym go as Gargosh was banned from returning ever again.

Gargosh (somehow) convinced the elf to stay the night at the trollkin’s domicile, only to find that it was less a building and more a location under a bridge. Waking up the next morning, the two rode back to the church to meet Ennui whereupon Dirym bathed himself in the trough waters in front of the chapel meant for horses to drink from.

Deciding to examine more of the graves, the rejoined party first made their way to Gaddock farm, just outside the Eastern Gate of Corvis. There, they met Bern & Betilda, the husband and wife who owned and ran the farm. The grave of Betilda’s grandfather, Hagger, was disturbed and the body missing about a week ago. Since, the grave has been covered back up and the couple had no idea who could have wanted to do such a thing. Dirym, with his keen eyes, spotted a thin strip of white fabric that was caught up in the boughs of one of the trees in the family graveyard. Betilda was unable to identify where it might have come from, only that it wasn’t hers. It appeared to be machined and not hand-spun. Thanking the family, the party began to leave when Ennui noticed Betilda’s 3-year old son, Hagger, playing out in front of the house. In talking with the child, it quickly becomes apparent that he witnessed something on the night the grandfather’s body went missing. Dirym, in a show of concern, asked the boy what he had seen. “An angel,” came the reply. “An angel with black hair and white robes. She came and sang to the place where my mom says grandfather rests.” It seems that a someone came and raised the grandfather from the dead, then proceeded to leave the scene with the newly minted undead corpse.

Ennui is sent to the market to ask about who would know where the cloth came from while the two boys went to the other eastern grave site, the Eastern Boneyard, just outside the city gates. Ennui was not able to get a definitive answer as to who might have made the the cloth, though she gets more confirmation that it was definitely mass produced and not homespun. She is also able to sell the gobbers’ fog machine from their previous employment as caravan guards, netting 63gp in total for it. She also attempts to secure a meeting with the local magistrate but is unable to due to the the size of bureaucracy that exists in such a large city as Corvis.

At the Eastern Boneyard, Dirym & Gargosh discover that this is where the majority of the poor bury their dead. Unlike the first graveyard they had investigated, the Eastern Boneyard had no caretaker. And so after an exhaustive search, Dirym & Gargosh managed to find the two graves that were disturbed. And because there was no real caretaker, the graves were actually left as discovered, unmade and in disrepair. Dirym was finally able to confirm that, at least with these two graves, bodies had been exhumed from the inside out and not dug up from above ground. This corroborates the young boy’s story about something rising the dead from their graves.

Meeting back up at the church, the group discusses what they’ve found. Ennui proceeds to give Dirym 25gp as his share in the sale of the fog machine. Dirym, distrusting of humans, confronts her about it. Initially, Ennui tries to play it off as an even split of what was gotten for the fog machine, but eventually concedes that she sold it for more than 50gp. But she successfully diffuses any hostile situation with Dirym (for the moment) by pleading her case that since she was the one who identified its worth on the field of battle, gathered it up and bartered for its sale in the Quad, she should take a higher percentage in its reaped sale. Dirym grants her her portion, but openly says that she has set the stage for their dynamic.

As night closes, Ennui continues to stay at the church for free room & board, Gargosh retreats to his bridge for a night of solo debauchery and Dirym manages to find another inn (The Black Goat) that will accommodate him.

A forest home & a forest drake

Forrest dragon pentacle 2

During the evening, Ennui gets a request to see Father Pandor in his study. He tells her that there is no new information he can give, save that all the graves disturbed were the total number of jurors in the famous witch trial from a decade ago. The judge is still alive, as is the magistrate who discovered the coven. The executioner’s identity, in accordance with standard practice, was unknown. The witches bodies were then interred in a tomb in the hopes that a proper Morrowan burial might put their souls to rest. He concludes by saying that it was a difficult time for many people. He also agrees to pay them 20gp now for investigating the graves, and promises the remaining 10gp if they wish to inquire at the last remaining grave, the Sunbright family estate. But he says that he will pay them 20gp instead if they go to investigate the tomb as he fears that if someone is raising the dead jurors back to life, the person or persons might also want to do the same with the witches. He gives Ennui the location of the tomb, about 2-3 hours northwest of the city, in Widower’s Wood. He warns Ennui about the possibility of dangers there and back again: gobbers, bogrin, highwaymen, the swamplands themselves and the ever persistent rumor of “Voorie,” the swamp dragon that has made the surrounding areas of Corvis its home. Father Pandor concludes by saying the he will try to get a meeting with the magistrate, hoping that his influence will be greater than theirs in procuring an appointment. Retiring for the night, Ennui mulls over all this information in her head.

At The Black Goat, Dirym’s regular routine of taking his meal to his room to minimize the amount of exposure to humans is broken when he realizes that a “magic show” is taking place tonight. The common hall is crowded but controlled as “Selros the Magician” begins his show. Trying to disguise the casting, Dirym evokes Detect Magic in an attempt to mark Selros as a practitioner of the arcane, but finds that the magician’s tricks are sleight of hand. The show culminates, however, in a performance of “The Disappearing Cabinet” trick where he takes a volunteer from the audience, places them in an onstage cabinet and causes them to vanish, replacing them with a barmaid from the workforce. A merchant’s wife is called up and is vanished via the cabinet to be replaced with a barmaid from the night’s work staff, just as promised by Selros. When Dirym inquires about this to the merchant himself, his only reply is that it’s all a part of the trick, that he himself was chosen last week and wanted to share in the experience with his wife. Dirym thinks it strange that no one is calling out the fact that the woman was not immediately returned, but decided to leave the humans to their trivial distractions and finishes his meal in peace.

At the bridge, Gargosh gets thoroughly drunk and passes out through a combination of beer, effort & enjoyment.

The following morning, the group reconvenes as Ennui tells them what Father Pandor relayed to her. It is agreed that the group should examine the witches’ tomb and proceeds to travel north along the main road. About half an hour before they get to their designated left turn, the group spots a small human child clutching what seems to be a doll covered in blood. The child calmly (as if in mental shock) tells them that her mother and father are in trouble and then points back towards the west, along a small but clearly marked path through the marshy woods. Agreeing that something else must be going on but wanting to investigate, the group took the path and pushed through the sparse and mist hazed woods and came upon a small farm house in a clearing. From a distance, it appeared as though the house was in a bit of disrepair. Approaching with caution, Ennui took over custody of the child while providing covering fire for Dirym and Gargosh with her pistol as they went to examine the house. Upon closer inspection, the farm house showed signs of recent break and damage, as huge chunks of the walls and doors were broken and splintered wide open. Closing in on the remains of the front door, the sounds of rustling was heard from inside the building. As Gargosh peered in, what was thought to be the massive trunk of a fallen tree quickly slithered out of view just as the snapping jaws of a forest drake struck out at the trollkin. In an act of pure reflex that saved him, Gargosh lept backwards, falling prone but missing the sudden attack of the legged reptile. Dirym called upon his lost gods to shield him as he lashed out with his greatsword, only to find his first strikes caressing harmlessly along the drake’s literal scale mail. Ennui commanded the small child to climb the nearby tree and sprinted parallel to the attacking creature, landing a solid hit from her pistol into the side of the drake’s face. Roaring with rage, Gargosh lept to his feet as he took a solid blow, but exchanged it with one of his own, connecting his greatmaul in a windmill fashion to the complimentary side of face where Ennui had scored a hit. Dirym, moving to flanking position, now found his elven steel rang true, as the greatsword bit deep into the flesh of the drake’s abdomen, feeling the heat from the spraying black blood that geysered from the creature wound. Ennui, sighting down the 2nd barrel of her father’s double-pistol, let loose the thunder of black powder as another bullet pierced and buried itself deep inside the drake. Yet, the satisfaction of her attack was dulled by her notice of the drake’s movement towards the trollkin. Recognizing the imminent belching of draconic heritage that was forthcoming, she tried to shout out a warning to Gargosh just as the drake spewed forth a gout of acid from its maw, directly onto the trollkin. Blinking through the burn and pain, Gargosh, feeling what was best in life course through his mind and muscle, spun through a 360-degree arc with his greatmaul, landing a killing blow that dropped the drake dead before him. Knowing that he was seriously wounded, Gargosh’s two comrades came to immediate response, healing him and wiping the remaining acid from the majority of his bruised body…

A missing girl...

Goblins harassment

The tempo of battle and blood slows down. Shaking the newly acquired ache from his muscular frame, Gargosh lit a cigar, letting the the first draw of tobacco calm his blood rage and proceeded to tear off one of the fangs from the recently felled drake. Ennui, seeing that her comrade was in manageable shape, began to investigate the farm house, looking for any sign of the stray child’s family. Dirym, too, made his way inside, checking out the main common room of the house. Invoking his gods’ gift, he reached out through his Craft, searching for any signs of magic. He felt (more than saw) faint motes of magic, seeming to emanate from the back of the house, though it was nothing that noted even the lowest of magic. But what caught his attention were the sickening and slick trails of blood that smeared the floors. Following one such trail led to a half-eaten corpse, the lower half of a body in a simple blue country dress. Gargosh came inside the destroyed structure, noting the streaks of blood with a slight twitch of his trollkin nose. Ennui, moved on to the next room, seeing another corpse. This one, a male human by appearances, was head to toe intact, but not without harm. His stomach was rent wide open, revealing the half chewed crimson and blue worms of intestines. Choking back her shock and nausea, she joined the other two in the main room as they each relayed to one another what was found.

As Dirym made motions to further examine the faint motes of magic that he detected earlier, the sounds of the forest that had began to slowly come back disappeared again as the gunshot sound of wood cracking signaled something was out in front of the house. Taking a covered position at the front door, Ennui peered outside but saw nothing. Gargosh and Dirym noticed, however, that the child’s bloodied teddy bear was lying unaccompanied at the base of the tree where the little girl had been previously instructed to climb. Rushing outside, the group saw a new trail of destruction that left the area, making its way north of the farmhouse and into the swamp of Widower’s Wood… but no sign of the child.

The group quickly races to catch up with whatever creature may have taken off with the girl, plunging into the heart of the woods. Gargosh noticed the scintillating scales of what appear to be another forest drake, but it is commented that the coloration on this new creature appear deeper and darker in hue, suggesting an older and possibly bigger drake that they now pursue. With conviction sourced from some secret place, Dirym tells the group that he must return to the farmhouse to retrieve his horse, Gwint, but that he vows to hunt down the creature that seemingly took the child. Gargosh and Ennui stay on the trail so as not to risk losing it as Dirym backtracks the short distance to the clearing of the house. Returning shortly, Dirym offers the mount to Ennui (much to her surprise) as he and Gargosh aid each other in tracking the drake. Further along the trail, the Dirym grimly notices a strip of bloodied cloth, matching the child’s dress, lying on the cold ground.

As the group pushed forward in hot pursuit of the quarry, they fortuitously happen upon the Witches’ Tomb, the crypt they had originally set out for. But noting that the trail of the new drake led further away, north by northeast through the woods, the group quickly decides to continue hunting their prey.

An hour later, the group stumbles out onto the main northern road out from the city. With winter’s early evening drawing around them, a decision is quickly made to make camp a bit away from the traveled courseway and continue to pursue the drake in the morning. Ranging for food, only Gargosh found any, and with no rations (as there was no previous plan to be outside of the city overnight), the group was looking at a difficult evening and morning. But just as Gargosh was sharing his meager findings with the group, a thought came to him and he suggested that they backtrack to the house and the fallen drake and make a meal of the carcass (seared, of course). Dirym offered to ride back and recover what he could while Ennui and Gargosh made camp.

Spurring his horse to make haste, Dirym quickly travels along the main road to where it branched west to the farmhouse. There, aided by his elven eyes in the growing darkness of evening, Dirym makes quick work to cut portions of what he hopes are the best meat from the dead corpse of the drake. Almost as an afterthought, he manages to cut the head of the beast free. Going back inside the home, Dirym investigates the softly glowing motes of magic that he had previously seen. In the main bedroom, he discovers several vials of liquid smashed to the ground, but one still intact. By sample taste and smell, he surmises that it must be a healing potion, though alchemical (rather than magical) in nature. About to leave, he notices that an even fainter glow of magic seems to emanate from underneath the floorboards. Prying them loose, he discovers a small, but sturdy iron-bound chest, secured by a crude locket. He brings the chest outside and, after fashioning a make-shift litter to pull behind his horse, places it and the head of the drake in tow of his horse. Figuring that the party will welcome the trophy and chest, he slowly returns back to the camp.

Sitting around the crackling fire, Gargosh and Ennui began to tell stories of their lives, mostly of Gargosh regaling Ennui with tales of the various bars he’s gotten drunk in, and thrown out of. Just as laughter settles in on the camp of two, the tell-tale double THRUMP! of bow strings brings both comrades back to attention, as a hail of crude arrows showers into their midst. With a couple of arrows finding some purchase into Ennui and Gargosh, both teammates begin to circle outside the light of the campfire. Gargosh’s trollkin darkvision enables him to quickly happen upon a group of three or four, one of whom appears to be the leader, while Ennui rushes the other side of camp to confront a second group of combatants. From the indecipherable yet unmistakable grunts and barks, the two easily make their bandits to be swamp gobbers, backwoods cousins to the gobbers and bogrins of the big cities. Surrounded by two of the nasty creatures, Gargosh lets out the discordant bellow of a trollkin war cry, leaving one gobber literally shaking in his boots. Taking the opportunity, Gargosh sends another message with his great maul, landing a solid hit to the second gobber in front of him, dropping the creature like a sack of rocks. Yet even as he struck dead the first gobber, he hears a calm and soothing voice speak before him, telling him to lay down his weapon and stop fighting. But before the suggestion can take a hold, Gargosh is able to shake the sensation and recognize the magic charm for what it is. Running up to confront the voice, he comes face to face with a very surprised and now very scared gobber chanter and its guard.

Ennui, swimming through another volley of arrows, manages to free her father’s pistol from its holster and squeeze off a shot of her own, as she sights a pair of gobber archers just out of the camp fire’s glare. Even as one of the gobbers begins to notch and pull its next arrow, the bullet flies right down the long axis of wooden-shafted munition, burying itself deep inside the gobber’s skull. Threatened by two gobbers with rusty short swords, Ennui takes a hit from one of the gobber’s cruel metal weapon that cuts deeply. But fires off the second barrel of her gun into its chest, dropping it dead in its tracks. Loosing her polished longsword, she threatens the remaining gobber, managing to scare it away as it tears off into the darkness of night.

Meanwhile, Gargosh lands another solid blow with his great maul, easily dispatching the gobber chanter’s head from its body. The remaining guard takes a half-hearted swing at the trollkin and then attempts to flee. This proves fatal to the gobber as Gargosh sends it further on its way into the woods with a windmill hit from his great maul that shatters the creatures spine and sends the crumpled body ten feet from the victorious trollkin.

Piling the dead bodies of the gobbers near the campfire as further warning to any others that might try and disturb them, Gargosh and Ennui tend to their wounds as Dirym rides back into the circle of the campfire’s light, with his treasures in tow. Dirym, spying freshly bound wounds on his comrades and a pile of dead gobbers near the fire, asks what has happened and is appraised of the situation. Nodding his head, he displays the drake’s head and small wooden chest, as drake steaks are quickly prepared over the fire. Opening the chest, Dirym is bathed in the low, yet unmistakable glow of magic as the chest reveals…

To sell a drake's head


- Opened chest & examined contents
- Made drake steaks; stayed in the forest
- Went back to the city/Quad; gave speech claiming to have freed the city from “Voorie”
- Encounter with Quad merchant Viktor (hunter/trader); offered more money if city’s offer for bounty was insufficient
- Tried to get bounty from city; given lower than expected/hoped
- Went back to talk to Vik; said he’d take the head off of their hands for more money; also offered to pay more for more drake head’s; “requested” the party take one of his newly hired guards (“Layam,” aka Richie)
- Slept in the church
- Woke up, collected Layam returned to the Witches’ Tomb (not tracking drakes); Layam asks about this and party is honest; Layam says, “My future is my own making, now.”
-Opened the gate to the tomb

Into the tomb


- Opened rusty door to the tomb
- Encountered dry room with bed, fire pit & gun in box hidden under floor stone
- Room w/ skeleton commander
- Encounters rusty gate wrenched from floor
- At hallway branch, the sound of gobbers (also hallway with sounds of water); Dirym’s failed stealth check; whistles for the group; Gargosh charges
- Battle at the 4-way intersection (bowmen; swordsmen in the shadows)
- Mage casts sleep, Gargosh fails; Ennui’s bardic performance saves Layam (just made the save with the +1)
- Gobbers defeated, but mage runs further into the tunnels
- Party follows into massive cave with two huge boulders; utterly dark
- Party flushes out mage and [WHO?] kills him
- Party finds secret door in the cave
- Debate over whether or not to rest here, keep moving on or to return back to the town for healing; Dirym becomes concerned for his horse, but agrees to press on

Bork & a Stick


- decided to Press On
- room with offal and Orgoth coins; Dirym gets Gargosh to wade through and retrieve magic rod
- smithy (open-holed ceiling with grate where gobbers climbed in/out); found vomit
- room with underground lake; boat and squid (no encounter)
- room with gobber named “Bork”; convinces group to let him lead them to treasure; runs away when they come with sight/smell of slaughtered gobbers
- return to town; Longest Night celebration approaching in 3 days
- food @ church
- wash off magic rod, identifies as a "sick"stick"

Dirym vs. Squid

- spoke with gunsmith in the Quad who offered to buy silver filigreed gun; recommended to speak with someone at the university about the old coins party had been finding
- went to Corvis University; spoke with professor of history who identified the coins they’d found in the tombs as ancient Orgoth; professor offered to fence coins to wealthy buyers in town
- ordered custom made, squid-sized bait hook from a dwarven blacksmith
- in the evening, went to a tavern; Ennui played cards and won some coin
- afterwards, Dirym parted ways with the party, not saying why
- before retiring, Ennui was asked by Father Pandor as to where they were in their investigations; prompted them to expedite their search
- in the morning, Dirym came back with a fresh bruise on his face; went to pick up custom squid/fishing hook; party returned to the witch’s tomb
- back in the tombs, Ennui pressed upon the party the urgency of the Father’s request and asked that they not be distracted
- heard scuffling noises down a corridor but the creature ran away before they could investigate
- discovered room with 4 sarcophagi that had been disturbed; battled two more military skeletons; discovered needle and thread (Ennui postulated that it was used to sew the heads back on the beheaded witches)
- found bone pit room where the skeletons in the tombs had, most likely, been created
- on the way out, Ennui consented to 10 minutes of trying to recover items from the lake with the squid
- party discovered that they had a hook but no rope
-Gargosh threw dead Gobber corpse into lake to try and distract squid; squid simply took the bait and ate it, not leaving the lake
- Dirym climbed into the boat and discovered bags of foul-smelling black viscous liquid and a make-shift pole-net that he would use to try and scoop up items from the lake bottom
- boat on the verge of breaking apart; Gargosh attempted to help push the boat with his maul, which ended up destroying the boat
- squid launched tentacles towards movement in the water, but violently retracted them when it came into contact with the black liquid that had pooled from the containers in the boat; Dirym furiously swam/scrambled back onto shore
- after guessing that the squid had left, Dirym (bravely? foolishly?) dove back into the water and somehow miraculously retrieved magic item that he had seen previously
- identified it as a dagger +1 of retrieving; engraving in Orgoth (partially translated as a dedication)


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